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Wintry Mix

Illuminating Engineering Society
Boston Section Student Scholarship Design Competition
1st Place Finisher

Boston Architectural College

The Wintery Mix Pendant is my best interpretation of the look and feel of a wintry mix storm. The kind of storm that comes right when you think to yourself “maybe spring is here” with one final punctuation mark on the winter season. Hurling winds move precipitation that cannot decide if it wants to be rain sleet or snow as it falls.

The shape of the pendant itself is meant to be similar in shape to a rain drop but is lined with small mirrors to echo the freezing rain/sleet potential that comes with this type of precipitation. While the pendant shape is clean and crisp, the light that is reflected back up towards the ceiling is anything but. Light scatters across the walls and ceiling in an unorganized snowy chaos that gives a fantastical quality to any space.


Due to the snowy light fractals that are given off by this piece, I think it would per- form best as a focal piece potentially over a hostess stand at it’s current size. I do however think the scalability of this pendant is easily achievable in both directions. Taking this model and scaling it down to half the size could make for a very interest- ing installation hung above a bar, many in a row. Scaling up to double or more in scale would make a great main entry or lobby sculptural piece

Wintry Mix Poster.jpg
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